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Hello, Welcome…

I wanted to do this as since posting (I know, I know) about Veganism/making more ethical choices etc, I have had a lot of questions sent to me. Some asking how hard it is, some asking what do I do to replace this or that, some asking where I get stuff, and some asking is this or that OK to eat etc. So, I thought an easier and more helpful way, would be to have a site with answers for you to find that I’ve either already been asked, or struggled with myself. Plus tips that I’ve so far learnt along the way! It’ll also help me a lot too I think :)

I’m still learning, but anything I can do to help others I will GLADLY do! If there is anything you want covering or think I’ve got wrong then please tell me!  I just want to make this world a better place, one vegan choc brownie at a time :)

I’m going to be as honest as I can be. Hopefully, that way, people will relate more to me and see that everyone messes up? If you mess up, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, or it’s impossible…. it’s just a lesson learnt! I’m by no means perfect, so don’t feel you need to be! If you want to ask anything or are unsure about anything… Then do! For example an elephants hoof is roughly 40-50cms, you’re welcome.

All questions or conversations are a chance to learn something new for everyone including me! I’m not here to judge anyone wanting to make a difference! I will judge people who don’t give a fuck though ?

I have ALWAYS loved animals, they’ve been my favourite over most humans for a long time. Humans can be dicks. Animals can be dicks. But, from what I’ve found, animals are much less dickier. Plus animals don’t have a voice…  Think about it, if you didn’t have a voice I think you’d need to be a dick every now and then to make your point. Especially when we do the things we do to them… I once tried to put a nappy on one of my rabbits. Thats not a lie. And to be honest… Thinking about it, he wasn’t even a dick to me for that… He just got it off as soon as possible and had a wee on the floor. Who wouldn’t?

So anyway,  animals are awesome.

I went Vegetarian around 7 years ago (my memory is shocking, so give or take 80 years when I give timescales). I thought, hang on, I love my pets, others pets, and, well all animals. How can I say that and eat them? I gave it some thought for a few seconds and that was it…  I was a vegetarian…  FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS.

Honestly? I don’t really know what happened…  I just went back to eating meat. Blocking out what I was doing, not thinking about it, being a total contradiction really. I’d be disgusted at some horrific animal abuse around the world, things like the dolphins being slaughtered, dogs being caged then boiled alive, sharks fins being chopped off and their still living bodies, being thrown back into our oceans. I’d kick off massively about all of that, all while chomping down on a chicken burger with a bit of pig on it with an egg based mayo sauce. (That’s three animals in one little burger!)

So don’t worry if you try and fail, I did just that! (though I definitely had a bigger sense of awareness at what I was doing and did feel bad when eating it).

I’m well aware a lot of people don’t feel the way I do about animals and that’s fine. I’m a bit of an enthusiast and get far to excited at the sight of one. If I’m walking with friends and there’s a dog near, I’ll make a point of telling everyone there’s a dog there and get them all to look…  And I’ll tell them how gorgeous it is…  Everytime…  every single time. Bloody love them!!

But the point is, and this is only a point I’m learning more and more about… (I think a lot of us are)  We simply can’t carry on eating this way, the devastation it is causing OUR planet is horrendous.

You may not care about animals in the same way…  But you must surely care about our home… And the people who you love that need to live on it?

And if you still don’t really care about that or are yet to believe it has that big of an impact, Then care about yourself?  For the health effects of eating animal products are also becoming more and more well known… And they aren’t great.

And if THAT doesn’t bother you? Then that’s cool…  We all make our own decisions. (Even when your decision is choosing to contribute to the murder of another souls life… Therefore taking their decisions (that are instinctively to stay alive) away from them ;)). But honestly… I’ll be sharing other things I’ve learnt and am doing along the way…  It’s not all going to be food/animal obsessed based!

I’ll post stuff about health (mental and physical) stuff about nature (I effing love nature) stuff about…  Well all sorts…  But it’s all stuff I genuinely feel has come about since I became more aware of the effect my actions have on other beings. I feel a hell of a lot better for it and want others to, too!

I really just wanted to do this site to help people as much as i can.

I’ve always been a helper, and I don’t say that in an ‘oooo look at me way’. If I’m helping someone with anything, I feel happier for it. I just want to share things that I find helpful and hopefully make people, and animals ? happy! I can also be a sarcastic dick though… So you know… Everything’s a balance!

If there is ANYTHING I can help with…  Let me know!!

Love xxx


Get off your high horse

I’m doing this not to shame people, but to raise awareness. I don’t believe anyone truly wants to exploit anyone, but there may be some who are not aware of it yet, or some who don’t know how to easily transition from it. I’m on your side. Honest :)



Yesterday, in the comment section on someones post (I very rarely read them because I find them really deflating and not helpful to me) I saw the usual trolling. One lady really got me thinking.

She was saying how some of the other Vegans need to get off their high horses, stop feeling so superior and see that people can choose what they do and don’t want to eat. That we should stop feeling so superior to others.

Right, the thing is though, it is not just your choice to eat animal products. Your choice to eat animal products affects others.

It affects the animal that has been bred purely to be killed.

The animal that has been taken away from it’s family.

The animal that has been living a (far more often than not) shit life purely to be consumed.

The animal that doesn’t understand why it’s being shoved in a cramped metal waggon, freezing in the winter, boiling in the summer.

The animal that is shoved on a boat for days on end with no food or water.

The animal that is pumped full of hormones to make it grow at a ridiculously quick rate so we can kill it and eat it sooner.

The animal that has to queue up in a slaughter house hearing or watching all the other animals screaming and being killed.

The animal that gets prodded with an electric rod to move it along to its death.

The animal that gets hung upside down and its throat slit.

The animal that is feeling so much fear at the end of its life and not shown any ounce of love or compassion by the person killing it.

The animal that WANTS TO LIVE.

It WANTS to live.

But you are choosing to have that animal killed so you can eat it. Your choice is very much affecting many animals.

It also affects the world we live in. It affects the climate of our world.

Animal produce accounts for 32 MILLION tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Animal produce also accounts for 51% OF ALL WORLDWIDE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS.

Cows produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day.

The water consumption of the animals we breed for food is up to 76 trillion gallons annually.

It is responsible for 80-90% of u.s water consumption (you know the west coast of america is currently enduring a major drought?).

Unknown copy 5

Growing the food to feed the animals consumes 56% of u.s water consumption.

2500 Gallons of water are used to produce 1 POUND OF BEEF.

477 Gallons of water are needed to produce 1 Pound of eggs.

900 Gallons are needed for 1 pound of cheese.

1000 Gallons are needed for 1 Gallon of milk.

Livestock covers 45% of the earth total land. 45% OF THE EARTHS TOTAL LAND!

Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction.

2-5 acres of land are used per cow.

Every minute 7 MILLION POUNDS of excrement are produced by animals raised for food in the u.s alone.

A farm with 2500 Dairy Cows produces the same amount of waste as a city of 411,000 people.

3/4 of the worlds fisheries are exploited or depleted.

images copy 6

We could well be seeing ‘fishless’ oceans by 2048.

90 – 100 MILLION tons of fish are pulled from our oceans each year.

Unknown copy 7

2.7 TRILLION animals are pulled from our oceans each year. TRILLION.

For every 1 POUND of fish caught, up to 5 POUNDS of unintended marine species are caught and discarded as by-kill.

Unknown copy 8

Up to 63 BILLION (40%) of fish caught every year are discarded.

650,000 whales, dolphins and seals are killed every year by fishing vessels.


Loose fishing nets are constantly trapping ocean wild life

40-50 MILLION sharks are killed in fishing nets.

Animal Agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of the amazon rainforest destruction.

1-2 acres of rainforest are cleared EVERY SECOND.

images copy 4

Up to 137 animal, plant and insect species are lost daily due to rain forest destruction.

80% of antibiotics sold in the u.s are for livestock.

6 MILLION animals are killed for food every hour.

We are currently growing enough food to feed 10 BILLION people (yet people are starving?!)

50% of grain is fed to livestock.

82% of starving children live in countries where food is fed to animals that are eaten by the western world.

Thanks to Cowspiracy for the help there. There is far more info on their website and also, the film, if you want to look it all up further. But please, give the film a watch! Please!!

So no, it’s not just your choice to eat whatever you want. Your choice affects everyone.

Also, the land required to feed a vegan, for one year? 1/6th of an acre.


The land required to feed a meat eater? 18 times as much!!!

1.5 acres can produce 37,000 pounds of Plant based food.

1.5 acres can produce 375 pounds of meat.

Each day a vegan will save 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 pounds co2 equivalent and one animals life. Everyday.

I am not on a high horse, I don’t feel superior to anyone. I am trying to spread awareness. I am simply living my life based on the facts above and knowing that for me to be a part of that is terrible.

Someone who feels superior, is someone who, regardless of knowing all the above, still continues to consume the products from it. I believe all living beings are all on the same level. Even if I didn’t believe that, who am I to decide to take another life when there is absolutely no need for me to? Is that not someone feeling superior? I am of the same importance to any other living being.

We don’t need to eat meat, dairy and fish. We have all the alternatives readily available. We are not lions in the wild. We are not living on a desert island with only animals for company. We will not die without eating animal products. Millions of humans are now living a vegan lifestyle and are doing absolutely fine with it.

So, go vegan, don’t feel superior to other souls and live along side the animals 😉


I used to eat meat… I used to love eating meat. I had no idea about all of the above! I know its very easy to eat it because I’ve done so! We are so well protected from all the money making gory details of the agricultural industries… but there’s so much info out here now. There’s no excuses.

Make the right choices. The right choices for you, your family, your children and everyone else’s.

Love xxx


‘It’s too hard’

‘I think it’s great but I couldn’t do it, it’s seems far too hard!’

Without doubt the main reason for me making this site is to help the people who think it’s too hard. I can’t say enough how it’s really not too hard.

I wish I could show you how much meat and dairy I used to eat before doing this and how much I’d enjoy doing so.


It’s not that I didn’t enjoy eating it! Until slaughterhouse clip day, I was eating far too much meat. Every meal would contain it. It wouldn’t feel like a meal if I didn’t have meat on the plate. It’d be missing something if I didn’t have meat. I could never see how people could not eat it. It’d be too hard to not it eat…. Wouldn’t it?


I’d say one of the hardest things at the beginning is learning that some products have sneaky ingredients in them. The really frustrating thing is they don’t need to! Why make crisps  with Milk Powder in them when you can make them perfectly well, without it?!

Gotta create that ‘need’ right? :/

So things like crisps, they often have milk powder or animal flavourings in them. Lot’s of sweets have gelatine in them. It’s an inconvenience yes. But, it has stopped me eating so much junk.

You feel good, metaphorically sticking your fingers up to companies that use animal ingredients when they don’t need to. Plus there are plenty of other sweets and crisps etc that you can buy that are easily available by the way… So you can still happily eat junk food 😉

As an example, here’s a list of sweets that are in my local shop that I can eat…

Starburst (UK)
Jelly tots
Fry’s peppermint/chocolate cream
Strawberry laces
Fizzy laces
Sour rainbow strips
Sweet and Salty popcorn
Love hearts
Sherbet fountain
Green and blacks chocolate
Lindt excellence


All of these are in a tesco express next to where I live, that’s without having to find a supermarket, which obviously stocks a much larger range. Not that hard.

Instead of including detailed info on replacement dairy products/take Aways/meals out etc here I’ll do a separate post for each one so I can add to them over time and keep the posts fairly short :)


The jist of it is though, I can pretty much eat everything a meat, fish and dairy eater, eats! There are all kinds of alternative meat products that are easily available! You can also make your own out of far healthier ingredients which are SO cheap to make and full of goodness.

Cooking also seems a lot easier and more varied. I definitely eat more veg than I used to! I try things I’d never have even heard of, like sosmix (meat substitute that tastes a bit like the meat you get inside a sausage roll), Seitan (there’ll be a post explaining what this is… But it’s great for ‘proper dirty’ burgers 😉 ) and jack fruit. Jack fruit is gorgeous! It can be used in lots of dishes instead of meat like curries, stews or pulled ‘pig’.


After not too long, I noticed my skin seemed to look better, more fresher and softer. I got a lot more energy and woke up far less tired than I used to! All of these positives kind of spurred me on to keep going and made it all seem even more worth while…. not that there was any other option really.

There’s not really any cons to eating this way. It’s good for the body, the planet, the animals and the mind! There’s a definite level of connectedness that comes with it. I see the world differently than I used to. I feel I’m a lot more kinder and caring. This could just be with age of course 😉 but I don’t think it is. I’ve seen it in other ‘like minded’ eaters too.

If you think you want to do it but don’t think you can… Then that’s pretty lame.

If you really want to do it, then you will! If you need ANY help… Just ask :)

Love xxx


What’s Gelatine?

Prepare to be hungry now 😉


Gelatine is parts of pigs or cows (usually). Its obtained by prolonged boiling of the skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, horns, tissues and bones with water. Its primarily used from all the left overs from the meat industry. The animal parts are sold on from slaughterhouses to a food processing plant.

Loaded into a chopping machine and cut into smaller pieces. They are washed, then roasted. They are then soaked in an acid or alkali for about 5 days. This removes minerals and bacteria and releases the collagen. The pieces are then put into aluminium extractors and boiled in distilled water. The body parts runs along a tube that draws the liquid out. This liquid contains the Gelatine. It’s passed through machines that press it into thin sheets. These are then Grinded down to create a powder, ready to be added to whatever it’s going in to.

Its used in all sorts of products like shampoos, face masks, make up, moisturisers but also, in food. Foods including, Jelly, soups, salad dressings, jams, fruit snacks, tinned hams (tinned hams?! Yum!) sweets, marshmallows, cakes, ice cream, yogurts, powdered milk and vitamins. The outer shell on vitamins is usually coated in it (you can now get vegan vitamins).


ALL the above can be made without the use of gelatine/Animals, ALL OF THEM! If you can purchase and eat all the above (not that I go around eating shampoo but you know what I mean) without the need to include animals, then why, do we still produce them? Because people are buying them and it helps fund the meat industry. That’s why.


Please do make an effort to look at easy switches you can make to avoiding products without this is :) If you need any help, just ask me :)

Love xxx


All the Taste, without the Baby Cow Waste!! Dairy Free Milk


A line of very frequent questions usually surround Dairy free milk. Which one is best in teas or coffees? What tastes most like dairy? Whats best nutritionally? How do you live without a cup of tea?

Did you know that FOUR out of TEN British households now use an alternative to traditional milk? FOUR OUT OF TEN! Get involved 😉

So many people seem to be intolerant to dairy or allergic to things in dairy. It’s actually one of the most common childhood food allergies, causing digestive issues and/or skin problems. I just don’t think its good for us.


Top pic


There’s a few factors to consider, are you doing it for taste, nutrients or consistency? Below are a selection I use with a bit of a run down on each one.


I don’t have favourites but if i did…. I’m lying, this is my second favourite… this right here… Second favourite, I have favourites.

Cobie gives this one 9.5/10


This is OAT MILK, it’s really creamy. I think it tastes far better than pregnant cow udder milk and is much healthier! (Don’t listen to the ‘you all need Dairy’ bollocks!) My fave brand is Oatly (the one above), cause they have fun cartons…. That’s right. I’m that shallow. They are also a good company. They do a chocolate version too which is SO NICE. It’s pretty easy to get hold of. I’ve seen Tesco do their own brand too! They seem to be doing a lot of own brand dairy free products! Woohoo!


Rinse and drain 1 cup of oats.

Place in a bowl and cover with water.

Soak for around 20 mins.

Drain oats again.

Pop in a blender with 3 cups of fresh water (add more if you want a thinner milk) build the speed up gradually and blend on top speed for about 10 seconds.

Pour over a mesh sieve or cheese cloth.

Set aside the ‘oat pulp’ rinse out blender and pour the liquid back through the sieve into the blender again.

Blend again!

Repeat until it’s at the consistency you want!



The most common (when in coffee shops)

Cobie gives this a 7/10


Soy milk so far is the cheapest and again, I think it tastes just fine! I can currently get organic soy milk for a quid! That’s nowt. It’s very smooth and one of the easiest to get a hold of if you’re grabbing a coffee out and about. Most cafes will now serve this so always ask for whatever drink you want with dairy free milk. Show them that times are changing and create a demand! :)

Nutritionally it’s protein rich, with 7g per cup. There’s various studies into soy milk. Some say it’s not great in huge amounts, some say it’s fine. I know I’d rather drink soy than cows milk but it’s up to you, if you aren’t sure, there’s plenty of other alternatives to try! If you do choose soy milk… try to get the organic one.
It’s also worth noting that the agricultural companies play a HUGE part in some of the negative studies around vegan foods… More on that in another post 😉


1 cup of edamame (strain over night) to 3 cups of boiling water and cook for 3 mins.

Pour both into a blender and add 2 more cups of water with a teaspoon of ginger.

Blend strain and store in the fridge.




Cobie gives this 8/10


Coconut milk is lovely. It’s not as creamy as oat… So if you don’t like it creamy… Coconut yourself up. It has a great taste of coconut (not really surprising). It’s not high in protein but is fortified with calcium so it’s a good source for topping that up! Really good for warm milk drinks as the coconut flavour really adds to the taste. Yum!


Blend 1 cup of dried coconut flakes with 2 cups of boiling water

Strain with a mesh sieve or cheese cloth then guzzle it down son.



A milk… made of rice! Who’da thunk it. THIS TASTES AMAZING!!!

Cobie gives this an 10/10



Rice milk, my favourite! More creamier than coconut, as it has a thicker consistency, it’s quite high in carbs and sugar…. so of course tastes the best haha! It’s also great for a hot chocolate :) This one isn’t great in the way of protein. But, if you’re getting that elsewhere and this is just for your tea or coffee or as a treat… then give it a try! This is the best tasting out of them all in my, ‘always right’ opinion 😉


Boil 1 cup of brown rice with 3 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey.
Once you’ve cooked the rice, blend it with 4 more cups of water.

Strain with a mesh sieve or cheese cloth and it’ll last for a week. (Most of these milks  will)



One of the most popular of the dairy free milks

Cobie gives this an 8/10


Almond milk, unsweetened almond milk is pretty low in calories and is smooth and mild in taste. Again, It’s not a great source of protein if you are drinking it for that reason. But it does contain less calories, no saturated fat or cholesterol, about 25% of your vitamin D and nearly half of your Vitamin E

MAKE YOUR OWN – soak 1 cup of almonds in water overnight. Rinse and blend with 4 cups of water (can also use coconut water if you want). Strain in a mesh sleeve or cheese cloth and wallah!

All these milks are a available very easily in your local supermarkets. It’s not hard to get them! Its the same as picking up a pregnant cows udder milk, and a lot better for the cows and the earth 😉

TIP – If you find your milk curdles in your coffee, just wait till the coffee cools a bit or don’t have it so hot. Asbestos mouth 😉

I use the above milks (mainly oat) for everything… Cereals, hot chocolates, a drop in mashed potato, anything that requires it! I don’t and never have missed Dairy Milk!

For tea and Coffee I would choose the Rice milk, but any of the above taste absolutely fine and do the trick.

Shortly before deciding to cut dairy out… I had a cows milk hot chocolate in one of my fave cafes in town. I used to LOVE their hot chocolates… I hadn’t had dairy for a while but got one (and felt bad ha). After drinking it, I could feel what can only be described as a ‘claggyness’ in my throat (easy). I felt tired and sluggish and it was just to thick for me. This did genuinely surprise me as I didn’t believe that I’d go off it so quickly. If I get given a tea and it has cows milk in it… I can taste the claggyness straight away. It doesn’t take long for your taste buds to change!


Give it a whirl! The baby cows and their mummy cows will thank you!!!

Love xxx




But it’s really expensive…

No it’s not :)

It’s cheaper! I’m telling you it’s cheaper.

It’s chickpeas – 20p a tin

Its carrots – 60p for a huge bag

It’s Bread – 80p a loaf?

It’s potatoes – £1.20 a bag?

Its pulses, grains, veg, fruit, potatoes, seeds, cheap chocolate, teas, coffees, nuts, all sorts!


I don’t understand why people think its more expensive? Well actually, yes I do… the media.

I can make a huge batch of healthy vegan burgers, that taste  ace, for under £2!!

I am spending less money on food than I ever did! It really is cheaper!

If you think it is more expensive, maybe be you are looking at organic prices? But then are you also comparing that to Organic meat? As that will of course be more pricey!


The food lasts longer too… sell by dates don’t really matter if there is no animal product in your food! Its fruit and veg etc… if it looks ok, you eat it! Bread, is it stale? Don’t eat it. Nuts? don’t really go off. Potatoes? Usually eaten to soon to go off 😉

The Violife cheese lasts bloody ages!!

If you are comparing the price of fresh fruit and veg to 3,000 ‘chicken’ nuggets for £1 from one of the discount shops… then yes, the ‘chicken’ nuggets may be cheaper.

But I’m pretty certain that ain’t Chicken in those nuggets and do you really want to be feeding yourself or other loved ones that kind of food? The ‘meat’ in these will be horrendous for your bodies. I don’t mean that in a condescending way… I eat crap at times too!

But, my point is surely you can find something far healthier and less harmful (in all senses) for the same price. I’ll be posting some recipes that I use to replace meat and they are lots better for you.

mmmmm the insides of a ‘chicken’ nugget…


You can’t really put a price on health, it sounds cliche but it’s true. When I see people saying how they can’t afford to eat healthy, knowing how little I can spend on food, it just saddens me. You might feel fine eating cheaper foods now… but think about the future. Your body is a machine, and it’s the only body you have. If you constantly feed it bad foods, it won’t be able to function that well in years to come. You may end up paying a far higher price at a later date.

So, why not set yourself a challenge? Give it a try for a few weeks! Set yourself a goal of 8 weeks. See how much you spend compared to usual. More importantly, see how you feel at the end of the 8 weeks and thank me with a vegan cake or something 😉


And stop using expense as an excuse for your ‘want’…

Love xxx



All the Treats, without the Teats! Dairy free Cheese



But cheese! I just love cheese‘ I hear the cries, I get told it all the time! I do!! And I love cheese too!!!


Luckily the ‘dairy free cheese’ market is growing, (and growing really quickly recently)! So I’ll share a few I’ve tried and assure you… I still love cheese just as much as you do!


But let me be clear, if there were no fake cheeses, I would NOT go back to buying cheese. Spending our money on products is a way of saying ‘yes, I like this, keep making more, there is a need for this’. It’s a way to voice our opinion. By giving any money to that industry, I’d be condoning it, telling them to keep up the ‘good work’ and demanding a need for it.

Unknown copy 10


The winner so far (there’s still loads I’ve got to try… what a bummer ;)) has to be violife. There’s different flavours of it including, smoked, cheddar, pizza, and pizza flavour. The pizza and the cheddar one melts really well!! Just like a dairy cheddar would. It’s stringy, gooey, looks like cheese and theres no udder puss in it! :)


The smoked one tastes just like a smoked dairy cheese. They have quite a mild taste and are yet to do a mature tasting cheese… Fingers are tightly crossed for that.

These cheeses are also great for sandwiches. Stick a bit of Vegan mayo in there, whack in a bit of salad and you won’t notice the difference! They also do Cheese slices, great for burgers (if you want to take your own cheese to a bbq!) and great to stuff in your face just cause you can. All the treats with no need for Teats…. soz.

Unknown copy 11



For a stronger tasting melty cheese I’ve been using a cheezly one…


Tesco now do an own brand one which has the same constancy as Cheezly… It’s not great if not melted…. But melted is lush! It’s in the free from section. This one has the mature taste that I like so if you are after cheese on toast… so far, this is the best one I’ve found! It’s good for pizzas too.




There are a few other brands I’ve tried but non that I’ve found beat the above for what I need. I think one was called Sheese(just googled it, it was!), it was good! On par with Cheezly so if you see that anywhere, give it a go. Violife is definitely my fave though.



Got this one sorted too! Back to good old Violife again… they have a cream cheese spread… it’s healthier… it does the same job… and is blooming lovely with a chilli jam!

Unknown copy 4

Again, as with the dairy free milk, you can make your own! Which I will be giving a go and updating you on.

Over Christmas, Holland and Barrett had a big fancy Cruelty Free Cheese selection in. I didn’t get it because I had a 48 piece party selection to work my way through. But that really pleased me :) It had all the cheeses you’d expect! Camembert, Brie, Cranberry, Mild, Strong etc. I’m sure they have it in all the time but if not you can get them to order it in for you!

So thats my post on dairy free cheese for the time being!

PLEASE give it a try… food cravings only last three minutes!

Did you know cheese has the same addictive levels as crack cocaine? (I reckon that’s vegan so do what you want when it comes to that 😉 ) It triggers the same part of the brain that drugs do.

So if you can get over the ‘want’ for dairy cheese, it’s pretty impressive! It’s something to be proud of and is only a positive!

It’s really a great feeling knowing you are living a life without contributing to the misery of another soul. To not pay in to an industry where the products are readily available and knowingly addictive… is a great achievement. (insert smug emoji face here?? 😉 )

Enjoy! xxx


Dairy free Butter! Cause your Body’s not a gutter (Nothing else rhymed, leave me alone)

Think you’ll miss butter? So did I…. And I did, BUT, so far I’m surviving 😉


Theres plenty of options available that are easy to get and really cheap…

Vitalite sunflower spread

Pure Sunflower

Pure Soya

Earth Balance vegan butter

Biona extra virgin olive oil spread

Biona organic cocomega spread

Biona Vegetable margarine

Koko pressed coconut oil spread

Suma dairy free sunflower spread

Suma soya spread

Above is really just a handful of dairy free butters… there are so many available!

I try to choose the healthiest products so would give the main margarines a miss given that you’d pretty much be eating plastic (margarine is one ingredient away from actually being plastic). But, plenty are organic and better for you!


A little tip of mine if you like salted butter!

Buy a fairly decent one and then mix a bit of Himalayan salt into it! You get the salty butter taste without the baby cow waste 😉 see what I did there. Just add as much salt as you would like… with this a little goes a long way!

The next level butter up from this? Make your own! That’s right. I’m going to make my own!  I’ve looked around at a few recipes I’ve found online… And I’ll share one of the ones I think is the easiest with you… With maybe a few changes to it…

I think making your own, if you can be bothered and have the time is of course the best way. As I say, up until now I’ve not done this! But I will give it a whirl! (pun intended).
Firstly, you know exactly what’s in it! Have you looked at some ingredients labels? I reckon I can understand Donald trumps presidency campaign better than I can understand some ingredient labels! (Ok maybe not)
Secondly, you’re in control of how healthy you are.
Thirdly, you get to feel a bit fancy. ‘Yeeeaaah I’m just here…. Making ma owwwn butter….’

So, I’ll have a play around with a few recipes and share the finished result.

You don’t HAVE to use butter…. here are some alternatives to using spread


Enjoy xxx



What happens to Cows in the dairy industry…

In nature, i.e. the NATURAL way of life… a cow would feed her baby for 9-12 months. The cow and baby form an incredibly strong bond as soon as the baby is born. Just like humans do. Just like a mother giving birth to her child does.


On a Dairy farm… they are torn apart between 12 – 72 hours. It is an incredibly traumatic separation and the cows are left mourning for a long time.

The mother is then ‘impregnated’ again… by humans.

The cow will produce most of her milk at around 40 – 60 days after she has given birth. Thats when she is impregnated again and the cycle continues. Some cows are kept for up to ten ‘cycles’, but the large majority are only kept for up to 4.

Naturally? they would live up to 22 years.


The calves are fed a milk replacer, which causes them to become susceptible to disease as the milk is low quality and often ill-prepared. Many calves can die from this. To prevent this from happening, they are moved on to solids far sooner than they should be.

Under welfare regulations, calves can actually be housed alone in individual sheds. This can last up until 8 weeks old where they can then be introduced to group housing. So the calve has been torn away from its mother, isolated and artificially fed unnatural milk. Awesome. Don’t get told this in school.

Female calves

Female calves will eventually enter the dairy herd to replace the worn out cows who have spent a whole life, being pregnant (how else do you think they get milk from them? they have to be constantly pregnant). They have repeatedly given birth, have been quickly separated from their new born calves, to repeat the process over, and over, and over again… until they are too worn out. Thats what these lucky calves now have to look forward to a life of! All for us to have a glass of milk, or milk in our coffee… which we can still have anyway with all the alternatives available.


Male calves

These are of ‘no use’ within the dairy industry. These are removed as above from their mother. Either shot (I say shot, some get their heads repeatedly stood on, some get thrown off a hard floor, some just get left to die, either way, they are killed), sold on to beef farms, or raised for veal. If they aren’t shot (!), they are usually loaded on to truck and sold at auction. Gosh, I don’t know which out of the three I’d rather? Yes I do… just shoot me straight away.


If they are sent for ‘veal’ then are usually put in to a crate that is around two feet wide with chains around their necks. this restricts their movement thus apparently making the meat more tender. They are fed a diet that is purposely deficient in iron and fibre, to give the meat a whiter colour. They are slaughtered after 16 weeks. Lovely.

Its estimated that around 100,000 to 150,000 are shot within hours of birth in the UK alone. Isn’t that great?

There is plenty of footage out there showing this happening by brave people that are going undercover to film it and raise awareness. You can’t be ok with this happening when it just doesn’t need to?

 ‘But cows need to be milked’

NO! Cows produce enough milk for their baby. That is why we can get milk from them… because they are making it for THEIR baby. If they do have more milk? Its because they have been fed growth hormones and are genetically engineered to produce more!


The growth hormones cause the udders to become unnaturally big and very heavy, which results in infections. The average dairy cow is now producing 10 times more milk per day than she naturally should be.

Please, don’t forget this when you go to make your next meal choice. This is happening right now. This will continue to happen, while you continue to buy into it.

Love xxx



You’re making me feel guilty…

I have been accused of ‘trying to make people feel guilty’ about eating animal products. Albeit not very often, or maybe people just can’t be arsed to get into a debate with me, haha.

I’m not a big fan of arguing, never have been. It’s not fun for me and I don’t like to be a dick to others, being a dick, breeds more people being a dick. However, since I’ve gone down this route, I will not back down on this subject. I KNOW what I am saying is right, I KNOW we can change things and I KNOW the devastation eating meat and dairy can course. I allowed myself to see it. I no longer turned away.

Unknown copy 9

I do see the guilt card being used a lot and aimed at other vegans who really are just stating the truth. The thing is.. when you do look into what happens and what it is causing.. it’s incredibly hard to not want to show everyone else! To make them see!
I share posts of real pictures, videos from slaughterhouses or where the animals are kept before going to those ‘lovely’ places. I share information on what it is doing to our environment and home. I share the truth.

I’m not actively making someone feel guilty, I’m sharing the truth of what happens. If you feel guilty when watching it then you are agreeing that it is wrong to contribute to it. If you feel guilty when watching it, then don’t contribute to the industry and you won’t have to feel guilty.

The day I became vegetarian for good was a day where I was at work, working really hard (ahem) and scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I’d ‘liked’ a group called ‘cctvs in slaughterhouses’ and a video came on of a cow being slaughtered. I’m sure I don’t have to go in to detail (don’t want people feeling guilty now 😉 ) but the cow was PETRIFIED, she had tears running from her eyes, the White of her eyes were so vivid and she was being ‘forced’ (you can imagine) in to a room where she had heard the other cows screaming, seen the blood, from her friends, yes, cows have best friends. It was sickening to watch. Sickening to watch other humans treating these cows in this way. You want to scream at them to stop. You want to make them see what they are doing and to connect to the living being that they are treating in this way. You just want it to stop.

I felt sick, I wanted to go and save her, to tell her how sorry I am that this is what we think is acceptable and to let her know that she was loved. The poor girl was so scared and so confused and all of this didn’t need to happen.

I just sat there in disgust, I sat and was like… What the fuck am I doing. What the fuck are we all doing.


I remember where I was when I saw it, I was sat with people eating their lunch, ham sandwiches (they were my favourite) and I was just sat looking at them. I knew then I could never eat them again. I didn’t give a shit that I couldn’t. I didn’t want to.

A lady was sat eating her sandwich and reading a magazine… Not thinking at all about what she was eating and I was just sat thinking this is so wrong. Stop reading your magazine and look at what happens to what’s in your food, please! Please think… It’s not ham… It’s a pig. It’s a dead pig, that didn’t want to be dead. That suffered horribly for you to eat that sandwich that you aren’t even that bothered about. And you’re no doubt a really nice person that hasn’t wanted any pain to come to that pig, and not realised what has happened to it for it to be in your lunch but please, stop and think! But alas, her magazine containing Katie Prices 32nd boob job hell, or something like that, was more important.


I don’t share stuff or say things thinking I’m better than anyone or that they are heartless… It’s more a case of I made this connection… After years of eating so so so many pigs… I made a link and thought oh my god what am I doing!! And I know that others could to!

So when some tells me ‘the way to get people is to… Blah blah blah…’ (This normally always comes from a meat and dairy eater with very little intention of stopping eating meat and dairy) I am sat there thinking…. This is how I changed my ways. So you’re telling someone that saw a video, and never paid in to that industry again, that seeing those videos won’t work? No, you’re wrong.

It’s also how some very close friends made the change. I showed them what happened. They saw the hypocrisy, then made the change. It’s a fairly normal human reaction, see something that is horrific, decide not to be a part of it anymore.

I also don’t spend all my days showing people clips believe it or not. It’s just that to be honest, they seem the ones that really get people thinking, get the conversations going, get people seeing what is actually going on!

It’s as if some people only hone in on those videos. I actually don’t share a hell of a lot of videos that I want to as I don’t want to annoy people (which is madness! annoy people with the truth!) I share plenty of other things, as you’ll hopefully see from this site, and they are not gory (truthful) or an attempt at making you any feel guilt.

I don’t want you to feel guilt… I want you to make the connection and see the truth. We are so well hidden from the hell of what goes on to produce our food thats its very easy to be ignorant to it.

I also don’t want my page to be like that… Yes I will be sharing the truth as MOST people don’t know the truth of where their meat comes from or how it’s treat! But I am not here to ‘guilt’ people in to cutting out animal products… I’m here to help you see all the benefits of cutting it out and how unbelievably easy it is. The positives from doing so are unarguable.

As I say, if you feel guilty, it’s because you know it’s wrong.

Love xxx