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I wanted to do this as since posting (I know, I know) about Veganism/making more ethical choices etc, I have had a lot of questions sent to me. Some asking how hard it is, some asking what do I do to replace this or that, some asking where I get stuff, and some asking is this or that OK to eat etc. So, I thought an easier and more helpful way, would be to have a site with answers for you to find that I’ve either already been asked, or struggled with myself. Plus tips that I’ve so far learnt along the way! It’ll also help me a lot too I think :)

I’m still learning, but anything I can do to help others I will GLADLY do! If there is anything you want covering or think I’ve got wrong then please tell me!  I just want to make this world a better place, one vegan choc brownie at a time :)

I’m going to be as honest as I can be. Hopefully, that way, people will relate more to me and see that everyone messes up? If you mess up, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, or it’s impossible…. it’s just a lesson learnt! I’m by no means perfect, so don’t feel you need to be! If you want to ask anything or are unsure about anything… Then do! For example an elephants hoof is roughly 40-50cms, you’re welcome.

All questions or conversations are a chance to learn something new for everyone including me! I’m not here to judge anyone wanting to make a difference! I will judge people who don’t give a fuck though ?

I have ALWAYS loved animals, they’ve been my favourite over most humans for a long time. Humans can be dicks. Animals can be dicks. But, from what I’ve found, animals are much less dickier. Plus animals don’t have a voice…  Think about it, if you didn’t have a voice I think you’d need to be a dick every now and then to make your point. Especially when we do the things we do to them… I once tried to put a nappy on one of my rabbits. Thats not a lie. And to be honest… Thinking about it, he wasn’t even a dick to me for that… He just got it off as soon as possible and had a wee on the floor. Who wouldn’t?

So anyway,  animals are awesome.

I went Vegetarian around 7 years ago (my memory is shocking, so give or take 80 years when I give timescales). I thought, hang on, I love my pets, others pets, and, well all animals. How can I say that and eat them? I gave it some thought for a few seconds and that was it…  I was a vegetarian…  FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS.

Honestly? I don’t really know what happened…  I just went back to eating meat. Blocking out what I was doing, not thinking about it, being a total contradiction really. I’d be disgusted at some horrific animal abuse around the world, things like the dolphins being slaughtered, dogs being caged then boiled alive, sharks fins being chopped off and their still living bodies, being thrown back into our oceans. I’d kick off massively about all of that, all while chomping down on a chicken burger with a bit of pig on it with an egg based mayo sauce. (That’s three animals in one little burger!)

So don’t worry if you try and fail, I did just that! (though I definitely had a bigger sense of awareness at what I was doing and did feel bad when eating it).

I’m well aware a lot of people don’t feel the way I do about animals and that’s fine. I’m a bit of an enthusiast and get far to excited at the sight of one. If I’m walking with friends and there’s a dog near, I’ll make a point of telling everyone there’s a dog there and get them all to look…  And I’ll tell them how gorgeous it is…  Everytime…  every single time. Bloody love them!!

But the point is, and this is only a point I’m learning more and more about… (I think a lot of us are)  We simply can’t carry on eating this way, the devastation it is causing OUR planet is horrendous.

You may not care about animals in the same way…  But you must surely care about our home… And the people who you love that need to live on it?

And if you still don’t really care about that or are yet to believe it has that big of an impact, Then care about yourself?  For the health effects of eating animal products are also becoming more and more well known… And they aren’t great.

And if THAT doesn’t bother you? Then that’s cool…  We all make our own decisions. (Even when your decision is choosing to contribute to the murder of another souls life… Therefore taking their decisions (that are instinctively to stay alive) away from them ;)). But honestly… I’ll be sharing other things I’ve learnt and am doing along the way…  It’s not all going to be food/animal obsessed based!

I’ll post stuff about health (mental and physical) stuff about nature (I effing love nature) stuff about…  Well all sorts…  But it’s all stuff I genuinely feel has come about since I became more aware of the effect my actions have on other beings. I feel a hell of a lot better for it and want others to, too!

I really just wanted to do this site to help people as much as i can.

I’ve always been a helper, and I don’t say that in an ‘oooo look at me way’. If I’m helping someone with anything, I feel happier for it. I just want to share things that I find helpful and hopefully make people, and animals ? happy! I can also be a sarcastic dick though… So you know… Everything’s a balance!

If there is ANYTHING I can help with…  Let me know!!

Love xxx


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