All the Taste, without the Baby Cow Waste!! Dairy Free Milk


A line of very frequent questions usually surround Dairy free milk. Which one is best in teas or coffees? What tastes most like dairy? Whats best nutritionally? How do you live without a cup of tea?

Did you know that FOUR out of TEN British households now use an alternative to traditional milk? FOUR OUT OF TEN! Get involved πŸ˜‰

So many people seem to be intolerant to dairy or allergic to things in dairy. It’s actually one of the most common childhood food allergies, causing digestive issues and/or skin problems. I just don’t think its good for us.


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There’s a few factors to consider, are you doing it for taste, nutrients or consistency? Below are a selection I use with a bit of a run down on each one.


I don’t have favourites but if i did…. I’m lying, this is my second favourite… this right here… Second favourite, I have favourites.

Cobie gives this one 9.5/10


This is OAT MILK, it’s really creamy. I think it tastes far better than pregnant cow udder milk and is much healthier! (Don’t listen to the ‘you all need Dairy’ bollocks!) My fave brand is Oatly (the one above), cause they have fun cartons…. That’s right. I’m that shallow. They are also a good company. They do a chocolate version too which is SO NICE. It’s pretty easy to get hold of. I’ve seen Tesco do their own brand too! They seem to be doing a lot of own brand dairy free products! Woohoo!


Rinse and drain 1 cup of oats.

Place in a bowl and cover with water.

Soak for around 20 mins.

Drain oats again.

Pop in a blender with 3 cups of fresh water (add more if you want a thinner milk) build the speed up gradually and blend on top speed for about 10 seconds.

Pour over a mesh sieve or cheese cloth.

Set aside the ‘oat pulp’ rinse out blender and pour the liquid back through the sieve into the blender again.

Blend again!

Repeat until it’s at the consistency you want!



The most common (when in coffee shops)

Cobie gives this a 7/10


Soy milk so far is the cheapest and again, I think it tastes just fine! I can currently get organic soy milk for a quid! That’s nowt. It’s very smooth and one of the easiest to get a hold of if you’re grabbing a coffee out and about. Most cafes will now serve this so always ask for whatever drink you want with dairy free milk. Show them that times are changing and create a demand! :)

Nutritionally it’s protein rich, with 7g per cup. There’s various studies into soy milk. Some say it’s not great in huge amounts, some say it’s fine. I know I’d rather drink soy than cows milk but it’s up to you, if you aren’t sure, there’s plenty of other alternatives to try! If you do choose soy milk… try to get the organic one.
It’s also worth noting that the agricultural companies play a HUGE part in some of the negative studies around vegan foods… More on that in another post πŸ˜‰


1 cup of edamame (strain over night) to 3 cups of boiling water and cook for 3 mins.

Pour both into a blender and add 2 more cups of water with a teaspoon of ginger.

Blend strain and store in the fridge.




Cobie gives this 8/10


Coconut milk is lovely. It’s not as creamy as oat… So if you don’t like it creamy… Coconut yourself up. It has a great taste of coconut (not really surprising). It’s not high in protein but is fortified with calcium so it’s a good source for topping that up! Really good for warm milk drinks as the coconut flavour really adds to the taste. Yum!


Blend 1 cup of dried coconut flakes with 2 cups of boiling water

Strain with a mesh sieve or cheese cloth then guzzle it down son.



A milk… made of rice! Who’da thunk it. THIS TASTES AMAZING!!!

Cobie gives this an 10/10



Rice milk, my favourite! More creamier than coconut, as it has a thicker consistency, it’s quite high in carbs and sugar…. so of course tastes the best haha! It’s also great for a hot chocolate :) This one isn’t great in the way of protein. But, if you’re getting that elsewhere and this is just for your tea or coffee or as a treat… then give it a try! This is the best tasting out of them all in my, ‘always right’ opinion πŸ˜‰


Boil 1 cup of brown rice with 3 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey.
Once you’ve cooked the rice, blend it with 4 more cups of water.

Strain with a mesh sieve or cheese cloth and it’ll last for a week. (Most of these milks Β will)



One of the most popular of the dairy free milks

Cobie gives this an 8/10


Almond milk, unsweetened almond milk is pretty low in calories and is smooth and mild in taste. Again, It’s not a great source of protein if you are drinking it for that reason. But it does contain less calories, no saturated fat or cholesterol, about 25% of your vitamin D and nearly half of your Vitamin E

MAKE YOUR OWN – soak 1 cup of almonds in water overnight. Rinse and blend with 4 cups of water (can also use coconut water if you want). Strain in a mesh sleeve or cheese cloth and wallah!

All these milks are a available very easily in your local supermarkets. It’s not hard to get them! Its the same as picking up a pregnant cows udder milk, and a lot better for the cows and the earth πŸ˜‰

TIP – If you find your milk curdles in your coffee, just wait till the coffee cools a bit or don’t have it so hot. Asbestos mouth πŸ˜‰

I use the above milks (mainly oat) for everything… Cereals, hot chocolates, a drop in mashed potato, anything that requires it! I don’t and never have missed Dairy Milk!

For tea and Coffee I would choose the Rice milk, but any of the above taste absolutely fine and do the trick.

Shortly before deciding to cut dairy out… I had a cows milk hot chocolate in one of my fave cafes in town. I used to LOVE their hot chocolates… I hadn’t had dairy for a while but got one (and felt bad ha). After drinking it, I could feel what can only be described as a ‘claggyness’ in my throat (easy). I felt tired and sluggish and it was just to thick for me. This did genuinely surprise me as I didn’t believe that I’d go off it so quickly. If I get given a tea and it has cows milk in it… I can taste the claggyness straight away. It doesn’t take long for your taste buds to change!


Give it a whirl! The baby cows and their mummy cows will thank you!!!

Love xxx




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