All the Treats, without the Teats! Dairy free Cheese



But cheese! I just love cheese‘ I hear the cries, I get told it all the time! I do!! And I love cheese too!!!


Luckily the ‘dairy free cheese’ market is growing, (and growing really quickly recently)! So I’ll share a few I’ve tried and assure you… I still love cheese just as much as you do!


But let me be clear, if there were no fake cheeses, I would NOT go back to buying cheese. Spending our money on products is a way of saying ‘yes, I like this, keep making more, there is a need for this’. It’s a way to voice our opinion. By giving any money to that industry, I’d be condoning it, telling them to keep up the ‘good work’ and demanding a need for it.

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The winner so far (there’s still loads I’ve got to try… what a bummer ;)) has to be violife. There’s different flavours of it including, smoked, cheddar, pizza, and pizza flavour. The pizza and the cheddar one melts really well!! Just like a dairy cheddar would. It’s stringy, gooey, looks like cheese and theres no udder puss in it! :)


The smoked one tastes just like a smoked dairy cheese. They have quite a mild taste and are yet to do a mature tasting cheese… Fingers are tightly crossed for that.

These cheeses are also great for sandwiches. Stick a bit of Vegan mayo in there, whack in a bit of salad and you won’t notice the difference! They also do Cheese slices, great for burgers (if you want to take your own cheese to a bbq!) and great to stuff in your face just cause you can. All the treats with no need for Teats…. soz.

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For a stronger tasting melty cheese I’ve been using a cheezly one…


Tesco now do an own brand one which has the same constancy as Cheezly… It’s not great if not melted…. But melted is lush! It’s in the free from section. This one has the mature taste that I like so if you are after cheese on toast… so far, this is the best one I’ve found! It’s good for pizzas too.




There are a few other brands I’ve tried but non that I’ve found beat the above for what I need. I think one was called Sheese(just googled it, it was!), it was good! On par with Cheezly so if you see that anywhere, give it a go. Violife is definitely my fave though.



Got this one sorted too! Back to good old Violife again… they have a cream cheese spread… it’s healthier… it does the same job… and is blooming lovely with a chilli jam!

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Again, as with the dairy free milk, you can make your own! Which I will be giving a go and updating you on.

Over Christmas, Holland and Barrett had a big fancy Cruelty Free Cheese selection in. I didn’t get it because I had a 48 piece party selection to work my way through. But that really pleased me :) It had all the cheeses you’d expect! Camembert, Brie, Cranberry, Mild, Strong etc. I’m sure they have it in all the time but if not you can get them to order it in for you!

So thats my post on dairy free cheese for the time being!

PLEASE give it a try… food cravings only last three minutes!

Did you know cheese has the same addictive levels as crack cocaine? (I reckon that’s vegan so do what you want when it comes to that πŸ˜‰ ) It triggers the same part of the brain that drugs do.

So if you can get over the ‘want’ for dairy cheese, it’s pretty impressive! It’s something to be proud of and is only a positive!

It’s really a great feeling knowing you are living a life without contributing to the misery of another soul. To not pay in to an industry where the products are readily available and knowingly addictive… is a great achievement. (insert smug emoji face here?? πŸ˜‰ )

Enjoy! xxx


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