But it’s really expensive…

No it’s not :)

It’s cheaper! I’m telling you it’s cheaper.

It’s chickpeas – 20p a tin

Its carrots – 60p for a huge bag

It’s Bread – 80p a loaf?

It’s potatoes – £1.20 a bag?

Its pulses, grains, veg, fruit, potatoes, seeds, cheap chocolate, teas, coffees, nuts, all sorts!


I don’t understand why people think its more expensive? Well actually, yes I do… the media.

I can make a huge batch of healthy vegan burgers, that taste  ace, for under £2!!

I am spending less money on food than I ever did! It really is cheaper!

If you think it is more expensive, maybe be you are looking at organic prices? But then are you also comparing that to Organic meat? As that will of course be more pricey!


The food lasts longer too… sell by dates don’t really matter if there is no animal product in your food! Its fruit and veg etc… if it looks ok, you eat it! Bread, is it stale? Don’t eat it. Nuts? don’t really go off. Potatoes? Usually eaten to soon to go off 😉

The Violife cheese lasts bloody ages!!

If you are comparing the price of fresh fruit and veg to 3,000 ‘chicken’ nuggets for £1 from one of the discount shops… then yes, the ‘chicken’ nuggets may be cheaper.

But I’m pretty certain that ain’t Chicken in those nuggets and do you really want to be feeding yourself or other loved ones that kind of food? The ‘meat’ in these will be horrendous for your bodies. I don’t mean that in a condescending way… I eat crap at times too!

But, my point is surely you can find something far healthier and less harmful (in all senses) for the same price. I’ll be posting some recipes that I use to replace meat and they are lots better for you.

mmmmm the insides of a ‘chicken’ nugget…


You can’t really put a price on health, it sounds cliche but it’s true. When I see people saying how they can’t afford to eat healthy, knowing how little I can spend on food, it just saddens me. You might feel fine eating cheaper foods now… but think about the future. Your body is a machine, and it’s the only body you have. If you constantly feed it bad foods, it won’t be able to function that well in years to come. You may end up paying a far higher price at a later date.

So, why not set yourself a challenge? Give it a try for a few weeks! Set yourself a goal of 8 weeks. See how much you spend compared to usual. More importantly, see how you feel at the end of the 8 weeks and thank me with a vegan cake or something 😉


And stop using expense as an excuse for your ‘want’…

Love xxx



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