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Vegan Mayonnaise (Incredibly easy)

I HATE to waste things, so here you have my Vegan Mayo, made from things that were mainly used for things now being used for this thing 😉


I used the water from a can of chickpeas that I used to make the Vegan Italian Tuna (ITS AMAZING!!) – 120mls.

I used the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes, also from the Italian ‘Tuna’. This gave it a (not really surprisingly) sun-dried tomatoey taste. But if you want to just use a neutral oil with no taste it will taste more like ‘normal’ mayo  – 240mls.

Then I used some french mustard (as thats the only one I had in)… ground mustard powder works well too – 1 tsp.

A pinch of salt (can add more later if need be).

Some apple cider vinegar – 1tbsp.

Start by adding the vinegar, salt and mustard to a high rimmed jug or bowl.

Then add the chickpea water.

Start mixing with a handheld mixer, then slowly pour the oil in.

Too thicken it up a bit you can add more oil.

Add more salt if you want to.


Then spread it on everything, be very proud that you aren’t discarding the oil and chickpea water and save money too! Oh also… the small (HUGE) matter of no animals being harmed 😉



Vegan Italian ‘Tuna’



(Thank you to Robin for this one 😉 I added a few more bits to it…)

I make double, because I love it and eat it constantly! But I’ll give the ingredient amounts for a ‘beginner’ version. You’ll soon be doubling too! whhhheeeey!


1 tin of chickpeas (save the water!!)

Sun-dried tomatoes – about 5 or 6 (or more if you love them… they’re so good, stick em all in, well don’t, but god they’re good)

Capers – 1tbsp

Wholegrain mustard – 1tbsp

Celery seeds – 1/2 tbsp

Ume shisho Vinegar – 1tbsp

To make… You should probably chop the sun-dried tomatoes up a bit (I don’t cause i’m lazy)

Stick everything in a blender. Blend. Done.



You don’t need any mayo because the oil from the tomatoes keeps it moist. But if you want to add some… follow the link and make your own with the water from the chickpeas :)

It’s my favourite thing at the mo and I can’t stop eating it.


If you don’t like sun-dried tomatoes then, 1. why not? And 2. That’s ok cause THIS.





Oat Bran Summer Pudding (Vegan, Obv)


This one was an unplanned concoction that ended up tasting delicious! The only way I can describe it is that it tastes like Summer Pudding.

A few weeks back I got a HUGE Fry’s Foods order from Ocado…


See?  :)  they had such a good deal on, I saved a fortune!!! Ha!

So because of this I had to make some room in my freezer…

Only 4 Ingredients and SO easy

Rhubarb (was frozen, doesn’t need to be though)

Mixed summer fruit berries (were frozen, don’t need to be)


Oat Bran


Add the rhubarb, mixed berries and sugar in a pan with water, boil them.

Then add the oat bran.

Cook until thickened.


That’s it! I can’t give quantities as I just threw them all in (didn’t expect it to taste so good! ha)

For oat bran quantity, I would guess at maybe covering the mixture with the oat bran, mixing it in and seeing if you need more… you’ll know the consistency you want.

With the sugar just use enough to calm the sourness of the rhubarb down.

It lasted a few days too!

I had mine with an Alpro Yoghurt, Pumpkin seeds and Agave syrup drizzled over it!

BLOOMIN’ LOVELY!!!! And healthy too!

Enjoy xxx



Meals I’ve eaten this week 16/5/16

Here are some of the meals I have had this week…


Garlic mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and grated carrot on wholemeal toast.

*To make the garlic mushrooms. Heat coconut oil and garlic on a low heat so you don’t burn the garlic (I’ve done that :) ) and gently cook them.



Pasta with a bolognese using Frys Family mince and violife parmesan cheese grated on the top





Cheesey Beans on Wholemeal toast, this cheese is AWESOME mixed in with beans :)




Frys Family ‘Chicken’ nuggets, veg and sweet potato mash.



Koko Yoghurt with red grapes and banana coated in cadburys hot chocolate powder and some pumpkin seeds.




My Brownies :) :) :)



Frys family’s ‘Chicken’ nuggets, Broccoli and Sweetcorn.



Cheese (Sheese greek style) on toast with tomato.




Avocado, Tomato, Carrot, salad cream, salt and pepper on wholemeal toast



Bean Protein with homemade wholemeal bread.



I’ll try to do this every week to keep giving you all ideas, show you how easy it is, that we don’t all eat salads and really to show that anything meat eaters eat, can be easily Veganised! I love eating this way!

Love xxx



Raw Vegan Fruit and Nut Brownies with NO added sugar!


I’ve made my first batch of Brownies and I’m very impressed with myself if I do say so! :)

As always, I’ll keep the recipe and method simple…

You’ll need


Dates – 430g

Almonds – 100g

Walnuts – 100g

Cocoa powder – 60g

Salt – Just a pinch

Dark chocolate Chips – Chuck a good few in 😉

Sultanas or Mixed fruit- Chuck another good few in :)

That’s all!


Ok, so, the method…

I used a food processor. 

Start by putting the Nuts in and mix until they are finely chopped.

Then add the Cocoa Powder and the Salt.

Mix them all together then put them in a bowl to one side.

Next, make sure all the pits are removed from the Dates and blitz them in the food processor until it forms a kind of big squidgy lump.

Take the lump of squidgy dateyness out and add the Cocoa and Nuts back in to the food processor, start to blend again.

Slowly add bits of the Date into the mixture until it mixes in. Don’t worry if some of it doesn’t mix at this point… just mix what you can.

Put the mixture into a bowl and mix either with your hands, a big spoon or a potato masher… I’m not joking, I used a potato masher and it worked a treat :)

Add the Choc Chips and Sultanas and mix them in.


Put some baking paper on a baking try. Whack the mixture on there and spread it out. (The below pic has an added ingredient which I’ll mention below.)


Freeze for 15 mins.

Take out and cut in to desired squares.

To write my very subtle note… I used Dr Oetkers Salted Caramel Crunch.. they are blooming lovely and go really well with the brownies! After I took the pic I dispersed them out and pressed them in to the brownies…. beeeeeyoooot!


There are no added nasties, no added sugar, no dairy, no added fat and they don’t need to be cooked! They taste amazing, are good for the planet and good for you!


Please give them a try, you’ll be in raw Vegan Heaven :)

Enjoy! xxx



Bean Protein (185g of protein in the pan)

This is SUCH a simple dish to make. I literally just throw all the ingredients in… warm them up and you’re done!


If theres any veg you like, add it in too! If theres any veg you don’t like, that’s listed below… then don’t put it in. Keep it simple and tasty :)

In this one I used…

1 tin of red kidney beans

2 tins of butter beans (just cause I REALLY like them… one would be enough)

1 tin of tomatoes

1 carton of passata (you can use another tin of tomatoes if you like)

A bag of spinach (optional… I add this to be all healthy and stuff 😉 )

Some sweetcorn.

Chuck them all in a pan and heat up.. stirring occasionally.

You could add garlic in if you wanted too… i’d just cook that off first in a little oil then add the above in :)

Thats it. Done. Easy Peasy!

Love xxx


Vegan Carbonara

I’ve seen some brilliant recipes online for this particular dish. I’ll share with you what I did to make a REALLY easy version of it.


I used..

Pasta – Most dry pastas are Vegan, if not then egg will be highlighted in bold.

‘Bacon’ – Cheatin’ Bacon rashers.


Cream – Oatly cream.



Oil – I use coconut oil.

Nutritional yeast.


To make…

Cook the pasta.

While the pasta is cooking fry the onion in a frying pan, then add the bacon, then turn the heat down and add the cream.

Add the pasta (once cooked) to the frying pan, then sprinkle as much Nutritional Yeast into it as you want as it will make it cheesey, and add lots of nutritional value to the meal :)

Add some pepper (and salt if you want to)


And there you have it! Very quick, very easy, very lovely And very Kind to animals and our planet :)

Enjoy! xxx



Vegan Tomato Pasta

As with most of the recipes I’ll post, I’ll try to keep them as simple as possible to show how blooming easy it is to eat a Vegan diet. I’ll post the ingredients I use but you can add/substitute your own veg, ‘fake meat’ (if you want to use any) or any herbs.

For this one, I used…

PastaMost dry pastas are vegan! Fresh pasta usually contains egg. Just check the table, egg will be highlighted in bold.

Tinned tomatoes.


Vegan BaconCheating brand.



CheeseSheese, strong cheddar (melts really well).



Cook the pasta.

While that’s cooking. Add onions to a frying pan, then the ‘bacon’, then the tomatoes, then the cheese.


When its all cooked… mix the pasta and the sauce together.

Put in to a bowl.

Grate a bit more cheese on.


Wallah! Done! Easy! Cheap! Cruelty free!

Enjoy xxx



Vegan ‘Tuna Mayo’


It’s. So. Easy.

Please try this instead of eating our lovely Fish. Over fishing is KILLING our oceans and the mercury in tuna fish ain’t good for us at all!

Plus fish very much do feel pain.

This alternative is bloody lovely and totally fills the gap if like me, Tuna Mayo is (was) a favourite sandwich! Plus, its chickpeas! Dead Healthy! (without any dead anything 😉 )


What do ya need?

Chickpeas – I use a whole can

Vegan mayo – Use a good dollop… maybe two tbsp?

Wholegrain Mustard – A tablespoon

Ume Vinegar – 1.5 tbsp. I get mine from a local ‘world foods’ shop but its also in Holland and Barrett (uk)

Celery seeds – 2 tsps (or just sprinkle what you think that is like I do 😉 )

Black pepper – just a whack a bit in there


What do ya do?

Stick it all in a food processor (or whatever you use to mix your food) If you don’t have one… just mash it up and get muscles ;).

And thats it!


Above, is all I do, you can add more ingredients if you want to… pickles, chilli flakes, cayenne pepper, celery etc. Its totally up to you, experiment with your foods… it makes it more fun!

Enjoy! xxx





Vegan Scrambled ‘Egg’ Plain and simple recipe…

Ok, with this you can literally add ANYTHING you want, any veg, any spices, any oils… whatever you prefer! It’s SO simple…



Tofu – as much as you want.

Oil – Whichever oil you want.

Salt and pepper.

That’s it! Simple!

For mine, I add Tumeric and Nutritional yeast (to make it cheesey)

Have a play around with your own preferred ingredients to make it just how you want it.

You can add, onions, peppers, tomatoes, anything you like! It depends what you are doing with it :)

You can add dairy free milk to make it creamier. You can do anything you would do with eggs only you aren’t contributing to the killing of baby male chicks or the abuse of hens 😉



The tofu will usually need pressing… so basically squeeze all the liquid out of it. I have a George Foreman grill so I use that and just press it down really hard.

Heat your oil in a frying pan.

Crumble the tofu in to it (if you are adding onions then sweat them down first, if you are adding any veg, add it now).

The tofu will start to dry out and cook.

Add any spices you want to put in and sprinkle some nutritional yeast on to it.

Serve up!

That’s it!

Enjoy! xxx