‘It’s too hard’

‘I think it’s great but I couldn’t do it, it’s seems far too hard!’

Without doubt the main reason for me making this site is to help the people who think it’s too hard. I can’t say enough how it’s really not too hard.

I wish I could show you how much meat and dairy I used to eat before doing this and how much I’d enjoy doing so.


It’s not that I didn’t enjoy eating it! Until slaughterhouse clip day,Β I was eating far too much meat. Every meal would contain it. It wouldn’t feel like a meal if I didn’t have meat on the plate. It’d be missing something if I didn’t have meat. I could never see how people could not eat it. It’d be too hard to not it eat…. Wouldn’t it?


I’d say one of the hardest things at the beginning is learning that some products have sneaky ingredients in them. The really frustrating thing is they don’t need to! Why make crisps Β with Milk Powder in them when you can make them perfectly well, without it?!

Gotta create that ‘need’ right? :/

So things like crisps, they often have milk powder or animal flavourings in them. Lot’s of sweets have gelatine in them. It’s an inconvenience yes. But, it has stopped me eating so much junk.

You feel good, metaphorically sticking your fingers up to companies that use animal ingredients when they don’t need to. Plus there are plenty of other sweets and crisps etc that you can buy that are easily available by the way… So you can still happily eat junk food πŸ˜‰

As an example, here’s a list of sweets that are in my local shop that I can eat…

Starburst (UK)
Jelly tots
Fry’s peppermint/chocolate cream
Strawberry laces
Fizzy laces
Sour rainbow strips
Sweet and Salty popcorn
Love hearts
Sherbet fountain
Green and blacks chocolate
Lindt excellence


All of these are in a tesco express next to where I live, that’s without having to find a supermarket, which obviously stocks a much larger range. Not that hard.

Instead of including detailed info on replacement dairy products/take Aways/meals out etc here I’ll do a separate post for each one so I can add to them over time and keep the posts fairly short :)


The jist of it is though, I can pretty much eat everything a meat, fish and dairy eater, eats! There are all kinds of alternative meat products that are easily available! You can also make your own out of far healthier ingredients which are SO cheap to make and full of goodness.

Cooking also seems a lot easier and more varied. I definitely eat more veg than I used to! I try things I’d never have even heard of, like sosmix (meat substitute that tastes a bit like the meat you get inside a sausage roll), Seitan (there’ll be a post explaining what this is… But it’s great for ‘proper dirty’ burgers πŸ˜‰ ) and jack fruit. Jack fruit is gorgeous! It can be used in lots of dishes instead of meat like curries, stews or pulled ‘pig’.


After not too long, I noticed my skin seemed to look better, more fresher and softer. I got a lot more energy and woke up far less tired than I used to! All of these positives kind of spurred me on to keep going and made it all seem even more worth while…. not that there was any other option really.

There’s not really any cons to eating this way. It’s good for the body, the planet, the animals and the mind! There’s a definite level of connectedness that comes with it. I see the world differently than I used to. I feel I’m a lot more kinder and caring. This could just be with age of course πŸ˜‰ but I don’t think it is. I’ve seen it in other ‘like minded’ eaters too.

If you think you want to do it but don’t think you can… Then that’s pretty lame.

If you really want to do it, then you will! If you need ANY help… Just ask :)

Love xxx


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