KoKo Dairy Free Review


The very, very lovely souls at Koko dairy free have sent me some cruelty free treats to try – and I’m impressed!

I’d already tried the normal Koko dairy free milk so knew what to expect but the flavoured milks are something else!


They come in little cartons (picnics, lunch boxes, work, travelling/days out) and taste so good!

Theres only 48 calories per carton (less than semi skimmed cows milk) and they have added calcium (the same amount as cows milk) added B12 and D2. Its also low fat.


They contain no Soya, Cholesterol or Lactose! They also contain no pus cells… (cows milk contains 400 pus cells per every litre.. mmmm)

Both the Strawberry and Chocolate taste great. I usually stick to Chocolate milks but not with these, the strawberry is lovely too!

You can buy the Chocolate milk in a bigger carton and obviously just keep it in the fridge like you would with your normal milk. It has a 5 days ‘shelf life’, if you take any notice of those…. I just give it a sniff and hope for the best 😉


The Koko original milk is kind of, how you would imagine it? Like normal milk but not as ‘claggy’ with a coconut hint to it. The nutritional benefits are the same as the flavoured milks and you can do everything you do with cows milk, with this milk! Cook with it, drink it on its own, add to hot drinks, eat with cereal etc. It’s really, really nice!


They do a light and low version too! The taste hasn’t been hindered AT ALL. It has 30% less fat than the Original milk alternative and contains 24 Calories per 100ml – that’s 30% fewer than skimmed cow’s milk.


Tea and coffee wise, I think it works really well, it doesn’t curdle and gives a subtle sweetish taste. I’ve also made hot chocolates with it (drinking one right now)… as you can imagine they taste great as it makes them a bit ‘coconutty’ (that really should be a word)!

250ml of the above provides 37.5% of the RDA of calcium, and vitamins D2 + B12.

They sent me the Koko spread too, it’s pretty good! Tastes just like a normal dairy type spread but with a subtle hint of coconut that really does work! This ALSO contains B12! I would definitely buy it again. Very easy to spread and you don’t need to use much of it :)


The coconut oil comes in a cool jar (I’m a Libran, we’re shallow about stuff like that ;)) and is pretty self explanatory if you know what you are doing with coconut oil. Which, should be a lot. It’s SO good for you! Cook in it, oil pull with it, add it to hot drinks, sing to it, even stick it all over your skin… great product!!


You can buy the milk pretty much everywhere.  It’s also very reasonably priced, around £1. I’ve seen it in all leading supermarkets and in every health food store I have been in. I will 100% be buying the flavoured milks again, the little cartons will be brilliant at festivals!

They can of course be recycled too :)

They have yoghurts out now as well (5 different flavours)! As soon as I’ve given them a whirl I will add my reviews to this page.



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