Oat Bran Summer Pudding (Vegan, Obv)


This one was an unplanned concoction that ended up tasting delicious! The only way I can describe it is that it tastes like Summer Pudding.

A few weeks back I got a HUGE Fry’s Foods order from Ocado…


See? Β :) Β they had such a good deal on, I saved a fortune!!! Ha!

So because of this I had to make some room in my freezer…

Only 4 Ingredients and SO easy

Rhubarb (was frozen, doesn’t need to be though)

Mixed summer fruit berries (were frozen, don’t need to be)


Oat Bran


Add the rhubarb, mixed berries and sugar in a pan with water, boil them.

Then add the oat bran.

Cook until thickened.


That’s it! I can’t give quantities as I just threw them all in (didn’t expect it to taste so good! ha)

For oat bran quantity, I would guess at maybe covering the mixture with the oat bran, mixing it in and seeing if you need more… you’ll know the consistency you want.

With the sugar just use enough to calm the sourness of the rhubarb down.

It lasted a few days too!

I had mine with an Alpro Yoghurt, Pumpkin seeds and Agave syrup drizzled over it!

BLOOMIN’ LOVELY!!!! And healthy too!

Enjoy xxx



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