You’re making me feel guilty…

I have been accused of ‘trying to make people feel guilty’ about eating animal products. Albeit not very often, or maybe people just can’t be arsed to get into a debate with me, haha.

I’m not a big fan of arguing, never have been. It’s not fun for me and I don’t like to be a dick to others, being a dick, breeds more people being a dick. However, since I’ve gone down this route, I will not back down on this subject. I KNOW what I am saying is right, I KNOW we can change things and I KNOW the devastation eating meat and dairy can course. I allowed myself to see it. I no longer turned away.

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I do see the guilt card being used a lot and aimed at other vegans who really are just stating the truth. The thing is.. when you do look into what happens and what it is causing.. it’s incredibly hard to not want to show everyone else! To make them see!
I share posts of real pictures, videos from slaughterhouses or where the animals are kept before going to those ‘lovely’ places. I share information on what it is doing to our environment and home. I share the truth.

I’m not actively making someone feel guilty, I’m sharing the truth of what happens. If you feel guilty when watching it then you are agreeing that it is wrong to contribute to it. If you feel guilty when watching it, then don’t contribute to the industry and you won’t have to feel guilty.

The day I became vegetarian for good was a day where I was at work, working really hard (ahem) and scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I’d ‘liked’ a group called ‘cctvs in slaughterhouses’ and a video came on of a cow being slaughtered. I’m sure I don’t have to go in to detail (don’t want people feeling guilty now πŸ˜‰ ) but the cow was PETRIFIED, she had tears running from her eyes, the White of her eyes were so vivid and she was being ‘forced’ (you can imagine) in to a room where she had heard the other cows screaming, seen the blood, from her friends, yes, cows have best friends. It was sickening to watch. Sickening to watch other humans treating these cows in this way. You want to scream at them to stop. You want to make them see what they are doing and to connect to the living being that they are treating in this way. You just want it to stop.

I felt sick, I wanted to go and save her, to tell her how sorry I am that this is what we think is acceptable and to let her know that she was loved. The poor girl was so scared and so confused and all of this didn’t need to happen.

I just sat there in disgust, I sat and was like… What the fuck am I doing. What the fuck are we all doing.


I remember where I was when I saw it, I was sat with people eating their lunch, ham sandwiches (they were my favourite) and I was just sat looking at them. I knew then I could never eat them again. I didn’t give a shit that I couldn’t. I didn’t want to.

A lady was sat eating her sandwich and reading a magazine… Not thinking at all about what she was eating and I was just sat thinking this is so wrong. Stop reading your magazine and look at what happens to what’s in your food, please! Please think… It’s not ham… It’s a pig. It’s a dead pig, that didn’t want to be dead. That suffered horribly for you to eat that sandwich that you aren’t even that bothered about. And you’re no doubt a really nice person that hasn’t wanted any pain to come to that pig, and not realised what has happened to it for it to be in your lunch but please, stop and think! But alas, her magazine containing Katie Prices 32nd boob job hell, or something like that, was more important.


I don’t share stuff or say things thinking I’m better than anyone or that they are heartless… It’s more a case of I made this connection… After years of eating so so so many pigs… I made a link and thought oh my god what am I doing!! And I know that others could to!

So when some tells me ‘the way to get people is to… Blah blah blah…’ (This normally always comes from a meat and dairy eater with very little intention of stopping eating meat and dairy) I am sat there thinking…. This is how I changed my ways. So you’re telling someone that saw a video, and never paid in to that industry again, that seeing those videos won’t work? No, you’re wrong.

It’s also how some very close friends made the change. I showed them what happened. They saw the hypocrisy, then made the change. It’s a fairly normal human reaction, see something that is horrific, decide not to be a part of it anymore.

I also don’t spend all my days showing people clips believe it or not. It’s just that to be honest, they seem the ones that really get people thinking, get the conversations going, get people seeing what is actually going on!

It’s as if some people only hone in on those videos. I actually don’t share a hell of a lot of videos that I want to as I don’t want to annoy people (which is madness! annoy people with the truth!) I share plenty of other things, as you’ll hopefully see from this site, and they are not gory (truthful) or an attempt at making you any feel guilt.

I don’t want you to feel guilt… I want you to make the connection and see the truth. We are so well hidden from the hell of what goes on to produce our food thats its very easy to be ignorant to it.

I also don’t want my page to be like that… Yes I will be sharing the truth as MOST people don’t know the truth of where their meat comes from or how it’s treat! But I am not here to ‘guilt’ people in to cutting out animal products… I’m here to help you see all the benefits of cutting it out and how unbelievably easy it is. The positives from doing so are unarguable.

As I say, if you feel guilty, it’s because you know it’s wrong.

Love xxx



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